Vegetable wraps wraps with red cabbage, alfalfa, cucumber & carrot with an Almond butter chili dipping sauce gf,  V gf

Seasonal Vegetable frittata with Cumin yoghurt V gf

Cauliflower, cheddar, black pepper & thyme filo quiche V 

Calzone of artichoke cream cheese & dill V

Tartine open sandwich of smashed avocado, labneh & corn V

Persian herb frittata, with walnuts and seasonal chutney V gf

Shelly bay bakery bagel with swiss cheese and roasted tomato V

Black bean & scallion frittata with hot sauce V gf

Classic club sandwiches seasonal flavors


Prawn Vietnamese wraps with red cabbage, alfalfa, cucumber & carrot with an Almond butter chili dipping sauce gf

Soft shell taco with spicy yoghurt chicken strips, black beans and sweetcorn salsa

Soft shell taco with spicy crumbed portobello mushrooms, black beans and sweetcorn salsa V

Parma ham & Pea frittata gf

Brie & chutney lollypop squares gf

Zucchini & aged cheddar waffles with radish raita V gf

Jar salads- the best seasonal ingredients chopped and mixed with our home-made her vinaigrette Can be vegan vegetarian 

Yorkshire pudding with pulled beef and horseradish cream

Slow cooked lamb shoulder and roast garlic pie

Chickpea & capsicum puff pastry roll V

Roast pepper & broad bean quiche

Falafel sliders wit hummus & tomato salsa

Croque monsieur-Toasted sourdough sandwich champagne ham gruyere cheese sauce

Roast pumpkin & spinach galletas made with spoonfulls homemade rough puff pastry buttery & light.


Fishcake Taco with crispy capsicum & Greek yoghurt

Greens on shelly bay sprouted loaf topped with torn buffalo


Pot of Three steamed king prawns with harissa mayonnaise

Croque madame- toasted sourdough sandwich smoked salmon gruyere cheese sauce




"I Would just like to express my thanks for the wonderful food provided by spoonful for our course. the food was beautifully presented, on time and extremely tasty. the attention to detail with the dietary requirements was also very much appreciated"

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