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Corporate Catering

Morning tea
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At Spoonful we create seasonal bespoke menus to suit the best ingredients available at the time. Below is just a sample of some of our popular menu items. Whatever your budget, Spoonful can provide the perfect food for your event!

We take dietary requirements seriously and will provide suitable and tasty lunch items. On occasion, we may add a surcharge depending on the level of extra work.  Just let us know the dietary requests and we will sort it for you.

We use the best local seasonal ingredients available, and freshness is the key to our success.


Morning Tea

We recommend one savoury item and one sweet item.

gf = gluten free
df = dairy free
v = vegetarian
vg = vegan


Winter season fruit platter

Sweet $3.50

• Soft oat & date bars (df)
• Ginger & treacle scone
• Carrot cake foosball (gf, df)
• Chocolate & seed muesli bar (nut free, gf, vg)
• Almond & maple friand (gf)
• Brown sugar & ginger cookie


Sweet $4.00

• Golden raisin & bran muffin
• Apple & sour cream crumble muffin
• Chocolate & walnut muffin
• Carrot cake muffin with spiced honey glaze
• Chocolate, banana & coconut muffin
• Almond & date scone with whipped butter
• Salted caramel & apple scone
• Crème fraiche glazed cinnamon scrolls
• Goji coconut bliss balls (gf, vg)
• Lemon, chia & ricotta muffins
• Blueberry & lemon curd custard muffin
• Apple streusel muffin
• pain au chocolate
• Pumpkin & spice muffin

Sweet $4.50

• Apricot danish

• Pan au raisin

• Hazelnut praline twist 

• Pan au chocolat

• Sticky raisin brioche with caramel glaze
• Vanilla poached pear & custard danish
• Banoffee pie muffin with caramel
• Raspberry & white chocolate custard muffin
• Jelly doughnut muffin
• Brioche french toast with dulce de leche


Savoury $3.50
• Sweetcorn, feta & herb scone (v)

• Rosemary & aged cheddar scone (v)

• Potato, parmesan & toasted black sesame seed scone (v)

• Sun-dried tomato and dill scone, served with butter (v)

Savoury $4.00

• Brie & pickle scone (v)
• Pumpkin, feta & tomato chutney scrolls (v)
• Bacon, potato & thyme scroll
• Jalapeno, coriander, and corn muffins (v)

Savoury $4.50

• Basil pesto, olive & parmesan scroll (v)
• Mushroom, thyme & cheddar muffin (v)
• Mushroom, scalloped potato & thyme danish pastry (v)
• Prosciutto & truffle danish
• Waffles, maple syrup & bacon
• Breakfast frittata with parma ham, mushrooms and fresh herbs (gf)