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COVID-19 Terms & Conditions

Due to the new Government mandates to attend a function or event, catered by Spoonful, all attendees must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and must be able to show their Covid-19 Vaccination Passes. We can confirm that all staff members at Spoonful Limited are fully vaccinated.
We are unable to verify all vaccine passes as we are often not at the venue on arrival, so the responsibility will need to be passed on to you to confirm all attendees are fully vaccinated and meet these requirements.
By accepting our terms and conditions you and all attendees agree to these new Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates and you are happy to take responsibility of checking all Covid-19 Vaccination Passes. We will need to be notified, via email, prior to the event for confirmation that this has been done.

Spoonful is a small catering company, if one of the team were exposed to COVID and required to self-isolate, it would have an immediate and significant impact on our ability to cater food. Whilst we would endeavor to keep business going as usual, it is likely that we would have to cancel functions, and for some this might be at short notice.
In the event that we were unable to provide your catering, we have the option of either deferring/cancelling the function, or referring you to another Wellington catering company to deliver the catering instead.